First and Foremost… WrapsLIVE is supposed to be exciting and fast. WrapsLIVE is intended to be an entertaining way to test our skills, demonstrate technique and create some new buzz & energy for the global wrap community as we continue to reach out to the end-buyers of our wraps. Have FUN, ENCOURAGE your fellow wrappers and do your BEST.

How WrapsLIVE works…

Competition Rules

  1. Each round will take place within a scheduled 30 minute window starting on the hour / half hour
    * 5 minutes to inspect / clean the stations (any debris you miss could cost you points)
    * 10 second countdown to challenge start
    * 15 minutes to complete all three (3) Challenges
    * 10 minutes to complete Judging/Scoring and remove film for next round
  2. The clock WILL start exactly 5 minutes after the scheduled time slot. If you arrive late this will NOT change the process / timing of the round and we WILL start the clock on time. We HIGHLY recommend that you arrive early enough to observe the previous competitor’s round in order to cheer him/her on while simultaneously being on-site in time for your own round.
  3. The ultimate goal is to score the MOST points
    SPEED: When you finish, each second left over from your 15 minutes clock (900 seconds/points) is counted
    QUALITY: The Judging system is looking for bubbles, wrinkles, dust, debris, flaws, placement precision etc. and each flaw will be deducted based on size (in mm) & quantity. For example… 5 bits of dirt caught behind the film would be 1mm in size and result in a 5 point deduction (5 flaws X 1mm = 5 points)
    BONUS: A bonus challenge will enable you to gamble your time versus quality in order to collect bonus points based on the largest perfect area you can wrap.
  4. 1 single wrapper per round
  5. Each challenge can be completed with a WrapGlove, Squeegee, trimline (knifeless)
  6. Failure to complete all three (3) Challenges result in zero score / DQ (disqualification)
  7. No heat guns, torches, heat source allowed (skill & skill alone)
  8. No knives / cutting allowed. Precision placement is part of the challenge
  9. You are allowed to have your own tools; however, we will have everything you need on-hand to compete.
  10. No repeat sign-ups
  11. Each day the competitors, the challenge(s) and the Judge will change. There is no advantage to going later.
  12. Each day will have a new First, Second and Third Prize winner based on total points scored
  13. The judge(s) WILL be left alone to do their job. ALL judge(s) scores are FINAL.


  1. Each day will have 1 Celebrity Judge
  2. Each day the Judge will change
  3. The judging is systematized through a rigorous points process to keep everything as even, consistent and reliable as possible
  4. Judges will regularly submit judging forms for system to update ongoing placements for the days competitors / winners



WrapsLIVE is an industry neutral wrap entertainment event and demonstration system designed to help expand the awareness of professional wrapping around the world.


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